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mobile form as a services

Mobile-Forms-as-a-Service (mFaaS)

InnovationM is pleased to announce Mobile-Forms-as-a-Service (mFaaS) – a mobile development service which helps companies build form-based business applications onto mobile so that the business can be done faster.

We help our clients build solutions that renders and enable filling-up forms on mobile/tablets, store form data locally, take pictures, record audio notes, capture location, generate PDFs, and many other tasks that enables a smarter way to capture data on the field.

Generally, it takes lot of time to enable such services on the mobile / tablet (for ex, capturing digital signatures or recording audio notes). As we have built up a complete practices dedicated to enabling form-based application on the device, we not only get this done sooner but with minimal defects and issues during development.

The data collected is then synced-up with the back-end systems by integrating with existing web services or by creating a new set of web services. We also enable offline data storage as lot many times, there is no internet connectivity (for ex, in remote fields). Data is synced-up with the back-end server when the devices regains internet connectivity (for ex, Wi-Fi).

We understand that the back-end integration need is different for various scenarios, so our engineers build custom adapters to integrate with the back-end system. This may also include working with your back-end provider to enable seamless integration.

The best practice to enable to the whole process is on the house!

What can we enable on mobile or tablets?

  • Take pictures
  • Capture GPS Locations
  • Capture Video
  • Capture Signatures
  • Capture Audio Notes
  • Online Sync-up
  • Create PDF / Excel Reports
  • Generate Forms from XML files
  • Today's Date Capture
  • Speech to Text Conversion
  • Continuously Track mobile worker
  • Offline Storage
  • Read barcodes
  • Draw sketches
  • Include Maps with GPS Points
  • Mobile Insurance Form
  • Mobile Job Visit Form

Mobile Inspection Form

  • Mobile Report Form
  • Mobile Real Estate Solution Form