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Mobile Business Solution

Mobile Business Solutions
Helping companies do business on mobile

InnovationM Offering

According to Forrester, Enterprise Mobility is the ability of an enterprise to connect and control suppliers, partners, employees, assets, products, and customers from any location. Mobile enterprises connect these components using wireless networks, mobile applications, middleware solutions, devices, and management software.

InnovationM helps clients to build end-to-end mobility business solutions. Our key Business Solutions offerings are Strategising, Executing & Supporting mobile solutions for the business. See InnovationM offering below:

  • Enterprise Mobile Forms
  • Mobile Business Solution
  • Form based Business Applications

As someone who has been working with companies in the mobility space, we were able to see mobile business solutions adoption moving up the priority list for enterprises worldwide. While talking to various companies, we have seen that mobile workforce is demanding more than just email and calendar access. The workforce in the field or a travelling executive is asking for work-related, sales, inventory or any other enterprise data to perform his job functions efficiently and conveniently.


We mobilize an existing enterprise solution so that the employees, field-staff & partners can do business on the field or when they are away from the office. Our development services include client side mobile development (Android, iOS and HTML5) and middleware / server development for backend integration to existing / proprietary systems Touch 2.

One of the key business solution service that offer is to helps companies build form-based business applications onto mobile so that the business can be done faster. We help our clients build solutions that renders and enable filling-up forms on mobile/tablets, store form data locally, take pictures, record audio notes, capture location, generate PDFs, and many other tasks that enables a smarter way to capture data on the field. This unique service / practice is built based on our experience building similar applications and is called Mobile-Forms-as-a-Service (mFaaS). Details are available here.

  • Mobile Data Collection
  • Enterprise Mobile take picture on field
  • Mobile Offline Storage
  • Speech to Text Conversion
  • analyse field data mobile solution
  • Mobile Dashboards

Custom Business Applications
Mobile Inspection
Property Valuation
Mobile Property Valuation
Visit Reports
Mobile Visit Report
Incident Reports
Mobile Incident Report
Timesheet Recording
Mobile Timesheet Recording
Other Solutions
Enterprise Mobility Business Form