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Sencha Development

Sencha Development
Mobile web development using Sencha Touch 2.3 HTML5 Framework

Sencha Touch is used to develop easily and quickly HTML5 based mobile apps that work on Android, iOS and Blackberry devices and produces a native-app-like experience inside a mobile browser or when wrapped as a native app using a wrapper. Sencha developers at InnovationM have been using Sencha Touch 2 to build HTML5 mobile web applications. With the release of Sencha Touch 2.3, InnovationM has also enhanced their technical skills for the latest version.

Sencha Touch 2 HTML5 Framework
InnovationM Offering
  • - Mobile Web development with Sencha Touch for iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Kindle Fire, and other devices.
  • - Natively package the app and deploy it on Apple App Store and Google Play.
  • - Leverage device native / hardware features with native device APIs of Sencha Touch.
  • - Leverage PhoneGap along with Sencha Touch to build native apps.
Access native features on the phone, and deploy app to the app store

Sencha SDK Tools
"Wrap" the web app in a native shell using Sencha SDK Tools and access phone native features.

Native Packaging
Deploy to app stores like iTunes and Google Play.

Sencha Touch Expertise

AJAX - Sencha Touch Provides full AJAX support, including CORS and JSON-P

Feature Detection - Automatically detects the presence of features like geolocation, canvas and orientation support

Geolocation - Provides a simple wrapper around geolocation on devices that support it Icons - 300 icons included

Touch events - Provides a full range of touch events and gestures like tap, swipe and pinch.

Sencha Touch Expertise
Sencha Touch 2.3 - Support Features

Cordova Support - Supports Apache Cordova APIs for Accelerometer, Camera, Capture, Compass, Connection, Contacts, Device, Events, File, Geolocation, Globalization, InAppBrowser, Media, Notification, Splashscreen, and Storage.

TouchGrid (Touch Bundle Only) - The TouchGrid functionality provides APIs similar to the Grid components in Ext JS except that grid editing and grid rendering are not supported.

Themes - Added 3 new themes - Cupertino (for iOS 7), Cupertino Classic (for iOS6.x and below) and Mountain View (for Android). The BlackBerry theme also contains new styles.

XHR2 - Full support for XMLHTTPRequest Level 2

Sencha Touch Expertise
Native Packaging with Sencha Touch 2

One of the biggest benefits of native packaging is access to native APIs. Sencha Touch 2 provides a access to native APIs through its Ext.device API. The Ext.device API does not itself provide the native API capabilities - it's just a wrapper that can be used to access native APIs powered by the Sencha Packager or third party solutions like Phonegap and the iOS Simulator. Ext.device provides the following APIs:

Connection - tells you whether or not the device has a current connection to the internet

Notification - allows you to use native notification windows (the native version of Ext.Msg)

Orientation - gives you as much information as the device provides about its current orientation

Camera - allows your app to take pictures or select from the camera library (with your user's permission)

Sencha Touch 2 Class System
  • - Sencha Touch uses the class system from Ext JS 4 providing powerful features like dynamic loading and mixins. It makes it easy to create minified custom builds for your application.

  • - It also makes it easy to create new classes in JavaScript, providing inheritance, dependency loading, powerful configuration options, and lots more.