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Windows phone Development

Windows Phone Development

InnovationM provides consulting, design & development services on Windows Phone with a deep focus on UX/UI. We use C# and Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML) to create Windows Phone solutions. Designing, developing, and debugging is fully supported using Microsoft Visual Studio and Blend.

With the launch of Windows 10 and Universal Windows Platform (UWP), InnovationM team has mastered the skill to create a single app package that can be installed onto a wide range of devices having different forms of input, screen resolutions, DPI density, and other unique characteristics. We have build certain enterprise apps targeting Universal device family where the app can run on any, or even all, of a variety of devices from phones, tablets, desktop, computers, and more.

While building a UWP app, InnovationM team spends quality time in designing highly adaptive UI and comprehensive input capabilities. The UI should be responsive so that it suits a variety of devices with different display sizes.

InnovationM Offering
  • Windows 10 Mobile Development
  • Windows Phone 8.x Development
  • Windows Phone 7.x Development
Windows Phone User Interface

The user interface for Windows Phone is based on Microsoft's Modern (formerly known as Metro) design concept – clean, uncluttered app screens, minimize typing, and rearrange-able "Live Tiles" on home screen with real time updates.

At InnovationM, we use XAML to create Windows Phone application UI such as controls, shapes, text, and other Windows Phone screen content.

XAML Designer in Visual Studio provides a XAML view and a synchronized Design view of your app's rendered XAML markup. Design View is used to visually design a page in your app by adding or drawing elements, and then by modifying them. XAML view includes IntelliSense, automatic formatting, syntax highlighting, and tag navigation.

Windows Phone Development

Windows Phone API

InnovationM build Windows Phone application using two sets of APIs- the Windows Runtime and the Windows Library for JavaScript.

Windows Runtime - These JavaScript, C#, Visual Basic, and C++ APIs provide access to all core platform features. The namespaces are exposed using API metadata format (Windows.winmd) similar to that used by the .NET framework (Ecma-335).

Windows Phone Development

WinJS - These JavaScript APIs provide controls, CSS styles, and helper functions that help to write object-oriented code. The WinJS namespace covers functionality that is similar to the Windows.UI.Xaml namespaces in the Windows Runtime.

Publishing Apps on Windows Store

We help in developing strategy (like choosing your business model, markets, description, images, and more) before releasing apps to the end users through Windows Store. We give full support in submission and certification process so customers around the world can enjoy your apps.

Windows Phone Development