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At InnovationM, we offer high quality website development services that span across various functionalities. With our agile methodologies, we ensure that each project has a rapid turnaround time, which in turn ensures that our clients remain satisfied no matter what.

Our team of experts are well-versed with some of the leading technologies that are used to create innovative websites today. Some of these include Drupal, PHP, Ionic, Cake PHP, Magento, CodeIgniter, Laravel, AngularJS, Joomla, Java, YII, and more. Our professionals have years of experience developing high quality websites and can ensure that your brand or business gets a website that truly defines its essence.

Our Offerings

Web Application Development

We use a range of leading technology and tools to provide expert web application development services. Our teams of professionals are experts at HTML, Java, CSS, Ajax, jQuery, Mootools and much more. With software engineers and developers who have years of experience, we can guarantee that your website looks and feels exactly the way you want it to.

E-commerce Solutions

We offer expert e-commerce website development services with a full suite of functionalities like secure payment gateways, e-commerce SEO and scalability by using leading platforms like Magento, Joomla, and WooCommerce.

Open Source Development

At InnovationM, we understand that the sooner you get your site up, the sooner your consumers can discover your presence and start using your product. We offer open source development services, wherein we leverage free-to-use codes that are customisable for your brand, making the process of developing something for you much quicker.

Content Management Solutions

We offer content management solutions that are based on accurate analytics and are designed to improve not only your user engagement, but also your search engine ranking. With in-depth strategizing, we ensure that your brand’s voice is well defined and clear to your target audience.

Website Maintenance Services

Maintaining your website is a way to keep the information on it updated, along with ensuring that the functionality of each and every element is as it should be. At InnovationM, we offer expert website maintenance services that keep your site running smoothly at all times.

Web Hosting Services

We offer round the clock hosting services that are immune to glitches and issues that may lead to your website being unavailable. We offer Virtual Private Servers (VPS), dedicated hosting services with root access, managed services with leading tools like FTP, DNS, Cloud hosting, grid hosting, and much more to ensure that your website stays live at all times.

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