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Animated walkthrough with moving and rotating icons and images and it looks very nice when we swipe to the next walkthrough.

Screenshot_20170530-104046                  Screenshot_20170530-104027

This walk through pattern includes icon, description and UI design. So,it gives the whole related information in one screen with different color theme for each feature


  1. Filter screen shows all the items with their short description.
  2. The button to apply filter shows the number of homes available according to users filter criteria.


  1. App home screen uses bottom navigation for navigating throughout the app.
  2. It provides a search bar at the top and scrollable tabs beneath it.
  3. The content on the screen is divided into sections like Just booked, Experiences etc…
  4. The content card points out information like price, brief description, rating and number of reviews. Which are easily visible to the user at first glance.