Screenshot_20170530-110050                     Screenshot_20170530-110054

Animated walkthrough with moving and rotating icons and images and it looks very nice when we swipe to the next walkthrough.

Screenshot_20170530-104046                  Screenshot_20170530-104027

This walk through pattern includes icon, description and UI design. So,it gives the whole related information in one screen with different color theme for each feature

3                    4

Walk-through pattern is different – instead of app screenshots they have used user’s reviews about what app does

Application Walkthrough

An application walkthrough is used to make the user acquainted about how an application works just by looking at it.

Application Walkthrough 1

The above walkthrough uses thumbnails of different features of the application.


Application Walkthrough 2

In the above walkthrough pattern, image occupies the whole length and width of the screen. Buttons and text are used on the image.


Application Walkthrough 3

In the above image, vertical slider is used to display the walkthrough / tour of the application.


Application Walkthrough 6This walkthrough pattern with a simple and clean UI help user to get a quick idea of the application.













Application Walkthrough 7In this pattern, the line diagram of the device and the content looks very sleek and nice.