OmniFlow iBPS, an intelligent platform for your business that helps you achieve complete digital transformation for complex business process and lets you focus on driving revenue rather than managing the process. The solution can be deployed on-premise and on the cloud depending upon the requirement.

Business Process Management

OmniFlow iBPS

A versatile solution that drive enterprise-wide Digital Transformation. It facilitates collaboration in design and execution using an iterative approach.

Process Modeler

iBPS solution features a user-friendly, drag and drop process demonstrating tool. The solution enables various businesses and clients to design complex business process and flows with the help of an easy to use interface.

Process Insights

Omni Flow iBPS is provided with a process simulator that allows the user to test the process models after deployment with the help of What If analysis. The simulator helps you in running assessments for better decision making.


The solution provides an orchestration engine that allows to control various process flows. It also supports standard workflow operations such as work initiation, rules processing, sequential/parallel processing, and ad-hoc routing of work

Case Management

Omni Flow provides case management functionality that allows users to manage dynamic processes. The functionality works as a solution accelerators for use cases like Legal Case Management, Contract Management, Grievance Management, Customer On-boarding, Fraud Tracking and Monitoring

Business Rules

The Business Rule Management System featured by Omni Flow lets the user define complex business rules and policies for required operations. It allows to implement custom business rules without any technical assistance.


OmniFlow offers a Business Activity Monitoring tool that allow to view the processes in real-time. The solution also offers to generate custom reports for better tracking of progress.

Unified Interface

The Solution provides OmniApp a unified and extremely user friendly interface that can be customized as per user's requirement. User can also get notifications and updates in real time for better management and tracking.

Mobile BPM

Newgen provide iBPS Mobile that provides secure access to data or the process that needs to be reviewed by the user to optimize the business performance.


It is one of the core component of OmniFlow, it consists of Process Simulator, Robotic Agents, Robotic Control Center and Business Activity Monitoring. These tools help user in leveraging the capabilities of Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence to automate complex business processes.

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