Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is the keyword for accelerating business growth in any industry. We help our clients rewrite their business model and adapt to the change at speed and scale.

We believe digital disruption should not only be customer-centric, rather people-oriented equally. We identify customer touchpoints and digitize the channels by creating engaging and consistent digital experiences for them. Similarly we help our clients to empower their employees to relearn and boost productivity by mobilizing an existing enterprise solutions.

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    UX/UI Design is at the core of all our developed solutions. Concept workshops, building personas & scenarios, creating wireframes for concept realization & visualization leads to a design and the application which users love to use!

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    Build smart connected solutions for Industrial Automation, Enterprise & Consumer by using technologies such as WiFi, Beacon, Bluetooth Low Energy, Near Field Communication and RFID to boost efficiency and transform the business model.

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    Developing end-to-end mobile solutions for Android, iOS, Windows platforms using the latest SDKs and integrations with an easy to use interface for both consumer and enterprise clients. We are among Top 10 mobile application development companies in India.

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    Location-based services

    Build location based solutions to connect the physical world with digital world like real-time location tracking of people & assets, Beacon setup for proximity-based interaction & navigation, fleet management, workforce management, etc.

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    Our software engineering culture that automates the delivery pipeline and integrates the agile software engineering process with the IT operations across cloud platforms like AWS and Microsoft Azure to accelerate the release cycle through continuous integration, development and testing.

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    Augmented Reality

    Develop AR solutions that creates real-life environment around the user into a digital space by placing virtual objects in real-time. We integrate AR into existing enterprise or consumer solutions to make the user experience seamless and interactive.

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    Analytics Solutions

    Implement the breadth and depth of Firebase Analytics to get the insights about the app's user experience and behaviour. We help you create segments of your audience for tailored communication using push notifications, remote config, targeted ads, etc.

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