Nielsen Norman Group highlights Mobile Healthcare Communication Application developed by InnovationM

A mobile healthcare communication application developed by InnovationM for one of its US-based clients was recently highlighted in Nielson Norman Group's Enterprise App Report.

This NN/g report published more than 200 mobile-optimized enterprise apps along with few featured case-studies. The mobile solution developed by InnovationM gets selected among top 5 due to its design, development and unique features.

The solution lets Emergency Response Teams (in State of Massachusetts (govt.) in US.) to communicate with people with communication disabilities such as deaf & dumb, language issues etc. It represents various emergency situations (such as fire, hurricane) in the form of icons to communicate with people with disabilities. There are around 1500 icons for various situations including some animated icons / videos to communicate a set of actions (for ex, pack your food). A highly optimized choice of fonts, font colours, icon sizes has been done to suite the need of people with disabilities. This application can be used even without mobile phone service or WiFi (offline app).

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InnovationM – Healthcare domain expertise

InnovationM has expertise in building domain intensive mobile healthcare solutions in areas such as appointment booking, patient monitoring, EHR, wellness, chronic disease management, clinical reference / education or any solution which connects patients, caregivers & hospitals using a mobile device.

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